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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 5, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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heyday, with a satisfying complex to this readable novel. i am proud. it is called "ghosts of man hand." i'm done. thanks for watching, here is trace here for shepard smith. >>trace: the news begins anew on "studio b." the lowest unemployment rate in four years has sparked a new line of political attacks on the campaign trail. the president says the new report shows america is on the right track. governor romney says, not so fast. live reports from the trail ahead. analysts predict the job numbers will affect the race for the white house. the host of fox news sunday, chris wall has, joins us live with context. >> american airlines is now blaming, are you ready, spilled coffee and soda, on their loose seat fiasco. that is all ahead unless
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breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." the unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest level since president obama took office. like everything else, this election season, it is political. president obama says there is more to be done. governor romney says this is not what a real recovery looks like. the labor department reports the economy added a seasonally adjusted 114,000 jobs last month which brought down the jobless rate to an unexpected 7.8 percent. here is a look at the unemployment rate since 28 state. the gray area on the left is the president since the recession. the rate has not been this low sin the inauguration in january of 2009. of course, this could be a potential boost to the president's campaign. no incumbent since the great depression has beenwith unemplo8
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percent. the president said the economy is moving forward and suggested governor romney's policies would spark another financial disaster. >> we made too much progress to return to the policies that led to the crisis in the first place. i cannot allow that to happen and i won't allow it. >>trace: governor romney downplayed the new jobs numbers. he wrote in a statement and i quote, "this is not what a real recovery looks like. we created fewer new jobs in september than in august and fewer jobs in august than in july. we have lost over 600,000 manufacturing jobs since president obama took office. if not for all the people who have dropped out of the labor first, the real unemployment rate would be closer to 11 percent. we have john roberts following the campaign with governor romney but wendell is covering
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the president's campaign from cleveland. the numbers could help the president at a very crucial time. >>reporter: they could. the 114,000 jobs created last month was a modest increase but the drop in the unemployment rate came from a different survey, something called a household survey that indicates a lot more people found park time jobs or were working out of their home which is a huge increase in that number, some economists called it an anomaly. mitt romney said this is not what a real recovery lobs -- looks like. >> today's news is not an excuse to talk down the economy to score political points. it is a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now. >> the president speaking in the battle ground state of virginia with one of the few places he has been to more than ohio where he is right now.
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>>trace: it was not all about the economy, launching a new health care attack on governor romney. what do we know about that? >>guest: he did. it is perhaps because the economy is not doing as well as he would like but he is hitting romney and ryan on women's health issues, specifically on the issue of abortion. the republican platform that would deny abortion in cases of rape on incest. that is not necessarily romney's position, but an issue like the economy in which the country has to go forward rather than back. >> when it comes to a woman's right to make her own health care choices, they want to take us back to the policies of the 1950s. this election is your chance to make sure that doesn't happen, virginia. that decisions that affect a
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woman's health aren't up to politicians. they are not up to insurance companies. they are up to you. >>reporter: the president is counting on the stronger support he gets from women generally to offset romney's stronger support particularly among white males. >>trace: thank you, wendell, following the president in cleveland. governor romney says the 7.8 percent unemployment rate does not tell the whole story. here is what the g.o.p. nominee told supporters in virginia today. >> the reason it has come down this year is primarily because of the fact that more and more people have just stopped looking for work. if the same share participated in the workforce today, as the day the president got elected, the unemployment rate would be around 11 percent. >>trace: he is stopping in two battleground states. now he is on the way to florida after 9 rally in virginia. we continue with john roberts
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live in st. petersburg, florida. governor romney says if he is elected americans will see and i quote, "a real recovery." >>reporter: that is a message that is very important here in this part of florida. president obama won this county where i am and a neighboring county in tampa in 2008. they were split in 2004 between george bush and john kerry. romney took aim at the unemployment figures today saying that while the numbers may look good on the surface, fewer jobs were created in the month of september than in either july or august and he promised that in a romney administration the jobs picture in america would look very different. >> when i'm president of the united states, that unemployment rate is going to come down not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce but because we are creating more jobs. i will create jobs and get america working again.
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>>reporter: governor romney took aims at president obama's plan to raise taxes on wealthy americans by $1 trillion saying that hits the small job market unduly hard and could result in 700,000 jobs simply evaporating. >>trace: we mention governor romney's second battle ground state the day. how is he tailoring the message to the different communities he is visiting? >>reporter: when he comes to st. petersburg area on the west coast of florida he will talk about medicare. it is an important issue through the entire state of florida. early today in virginia he was in coal country meeting with out of the work coal miners talking about what he sees his vision for coal versus president obama's vision. governor romney has been critical of the coal in the past but insists he is a friend and says president obama would be hostile. here is governor romney in
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virginia. >> the ahead of the epa has said the regulations on burning coal are so stringent it is impossible do build a new coal-powered plant. i don't believe putting our coal under the ground forever but we should take advantage of it and put american workers back to work and use a resource that is clean and can be burned cleanly. >>reporter: that is a very important message in that part of virginia where a lot of jobs have been lost. the president and governor romney will talk about jobs when he comes to st. petersburg. the campaign does not think the new unemployment figure will have much of an effect after so ma months of bad news, one month of positive numbers will not turn things around for the president. >>trace: john roberts, live for us in st. pete. the former c.e.o. of general electric, jack welch, seemed to suggest that the job numbers were too good to be true. look at this tweet he sent out and i quote, "unbelievable jobs numbers. the chicago guys will do
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anything, can't debate? change the numbers." the labor secretary called the accusations ludicrous adding and i quote, "i'm insulting when i hear because we have a very professional civil service organization, these are hour best trained and most skilled individuals." jack welch will be the guest of neil cavuto on "your world" next hour. joining us is the author of "rebounders, how winners pivot from set back to success." good to see you. you don't think anyone is cooking the books? >>guest: i never would say this about jack welch, an accomplished business executive but the suggestion is silly. there are a lot of variation in the surveys. we heard about that a few moments ago. what is likely to happen in the next month or two, the numbers are too high or too low and the next set of numbers are revised. they start, the surveys, they
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come closer to together. there were oddities in the survey. but there are often oddities in the surveys. but this time we are only a month away from the election. >>trace: you look at the numbers, 114,000 jobs added. that is anemic compared to the big picture. but all day you see the big number flash on the screen, 7.8 percent unemployment. if you are in the president's camp, that looks good. >>guest: whether that is legitimate or not he will get the benefit of it for the next month because he can go around and say we got unemployment under 8 percent. what is possible, the unemployment rate will go back up to 8 percent or a little bit higher. the next job report comes out november 2nd, four daze best election. that is the one that will make a difference if any of the reports make a difference. some economists say the rate could go back up because the better the economy gets the more people come off the side lines,
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people who had given up looking, they look for jobs again and suddenly they are counted as unemployed and that pushes the rate up. that is a normal thing that usually happens in a recovery. it would not help president obama so much if that happened in a month. >>trace: you are talking about what governor romney is talking about today, the labor participation rate, saying if there were as many people in the labor first today as there were when president obama took office, the unemployment rate would be near 11 percent and he is right on that. >>guest: he is generally right. that was not a feature in the latest report that participation rate ticked up a little bit. absolutely, overtime, this is a long-term change in the economy. there are fewer people in the workforce. it is unclear where that is going to go. it is not realistic to think everyone who had a job best recession will have a job after the recession. a lot of the jobs are gone.
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that reflects major change happening in the machinery of the economy. that will take a long-term to lay out. >>trace: thank you, rick, good to see you. the deadly attacks in libya exposing aist between the obama administration and high ranking intelligence officials. what we are leng -- learning about the internal debate that followed the murder of four americans. and a recall of potentially contaminated drug expands, the latest meningitis cases are ahead. i'm only in my 60's...
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advance. others insisting the attacks were a spontaneous mob reaction. listen to the u.s. ambassador to the united nations just a few days after armed militants stormed the consulate in benghazi. >> this was not preplanned and premeditated. it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. >>trace: now fox news can confirm that just a day after the ambassador's remarks intelligence officials set out to shoot down the administration's claim. james is like with the news in washington. james, what have you learned about this? >>reporter: if you have been following the benghazi story here on fox news, you know that we have previously reported that president obama and key national security agents made a secret finding september 12 the murders everyone an act of determination that made it easier for them to
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move around money and material under the terms of a 2001 antiterrorism statue. fox has learned the day after the ambassador spoke on the sunday schools officials reached out to several independent security contractors and asked them to review these images of the mortar damage done to the annex in benghazi based on the angles of impact and fragment patterns. it was concluded that there were two teams present on the scene using g.p.s. devices to score direct hits obvious effort of a terrorist attack. then the intelligence officials used this to rebut the claims that were internal, and chief of the national counter terrorism center testified publicly that the attacks were an act of terrorism. another issue has been why it took the f.b.i. so long to gain access to the attack sites which they only did yesterday. today the state department spokesman explained the delay,
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in part. >> we were working with the government of libya to obtain permission for the f.b.i. team and the d.o.d. support team to travel there. we did seek overflight permission and landing of the aircraft and worked to get the appropriate visas so we have been working through all of this. >> the state department also acknowledged today that requests from officials to keep at the ready a state department airplane in the country wereryjected saying the plane was returned to iraq when the commercial flights in libya resumed. trace? >>trace: thank you, james, from washington, dc. now over to the senior fellow from the brookings institution which describes itself as a nonpartisan public and foreign policy think tank. i want to start off where james left off with the f.b.i. getting into benghazi. now we are hearing that is the only reason they were three
12:19 pm
weeks late because they were waiting for the libyan government to give them permission. do you buy that? >>guest: i don't know. i think there have been some mistakes made along the way in how we have talked about this, maybe in even how we handled aspectses of it. when there is an investigation ongoing it takes a while when a government is just getting its feet on the ground it can be hard to work with. i am not saying the administration has done everything right but i don't detect harmful intent even if there have been misstatements. i don't see any big failure of government in this case. >>trace: what do you make about getting away from the libyan government and go back to the obama administration when they say a day after it was declared a terrorist attack because they moved money and they declare it a terrorist attack on september 12, a day later that otherwise they could not do in such quick time or
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quick notice, yet, it was seven or eight days later before they declared it so. now there is a dispute inside the administration. what do you make of that? >>guest: i'm not sure. my same earlier comment applies. we have to allow a little bit of three way for people getting information in a time of chaos l is no doubt that ambassador rice probably wishes she had a caveat saying based on what we know now, we don't see evidence of terrorism. clearly, in a few days we had evidence there was terrorist intent and activity and presence. i don't necessarily see anything underhanded in what she was trying to accomplish with the statement. it was just, to use another term, it was an inelegant choice of words but based on the information available at that time, therefore, i have in criticism to offer. what is regrettable is the
12:21 pm
attack happened at all. obviouslies we need to figure out so we can protect people in the future. the way if which we have handled the public relations of this the last two weeks does not cause me great angst. >>trace: thank you, michael, from the brookings institute. >>trace: you have probably heard the saying that people vote with their wallets. that may not be the case in this election with unemployment numbers matching unwith the polls. and the warning from turkey's prime minister after another syrian mortar strike inside his country. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>trace: more on the jobs picture. the labor department reports the overall unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent in september. but the numbers show that certain demographic groups, some of which tend to vote democratic, are still struggling in today's economy. now live for us in washington, dc. >>reporter: we are looking at african-americans, hispanics and young people. all he groups that went for president obama in 2008. all three groups have some of the highest unemployment numbers. again, the overall unemployment rate is 7.8 percent. let's look at african-americans, 20 years and older, september unemployment rate is 13.4 percent. for african-american men it is a tick higher, 14.2 percent, for women, 10.9 percent. hispanics, 20 and older, unemployment rate is 9.9 percent. a bit better for hispanic men, 7.6 percent, but worse for hispanic women at 9.8 percent.
12:26 pm
now, young people, ages 18 to 29, generation opportunity put this together by analyzing bureau of labor statistics data, the rate for the age group is 11.8 percent. generation opportunity which studies economic numbers among america's youth says the situation here is even worse. >> we have an additional 1.7 million young american whose is dropped out of the labor force. if you take that number and roll it into the 11.8 percent, the nonadjusted number would be 16.6 percent for the labor force participation rate for 18-29, the high of the since world war ii. >>reporter: does this make a difference to the voting blocks? a policy analyst who used to work for a democratic senator says no. >> not that much. in the end, the economy matters for any politician running for election. voters are looking for something more than plugging in a number and what comes out is a certain
12:27 pm
percentage of votes. you have to lull a constituency on a series of levels. >>reporter: he points out the minority unemployment has been higher than white unemployment for "decades." still, they have been loyal to democrats. trace? >>trace: thank you, molly, from washington, dc. a terror suspect who fought for years to stay away from the united states will be facing justice right here in the united states. today, he lost the battle to avoid extradition from britain. that is next. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange.
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>>trace: this is "studio b." a one eyed terror suspect with a hook for a hand will soon be in u.s. custody. that is the word from britain's high court which has the final say in the suspect's year's long pilot to avoid facing justice. the court ruled that britain can extradict four other terror suspects to the united states. this guy is likely the biggest "get." he is wanted in the united states on several charges. among them, helping to set up a terror training camp in oregon. he already is a famous figure in britain and turned a london
12:32 pm
mosque into a training center. the attorney fought for years to keep him from being sent to the states arguing he suffers from memory loss and depression. he lost an eye and injured his hand long ago fighting the soviets in afghanistan. the fox report's chief correspondent is like with more. what are the charges against the guys? >>jonathan: the hook-handed one eyed clerik is accused of aiding al qaeda and be part of a terrorist kidnapping in yemen that led to the death of an american and free british and accused of trying to open a training camp for militants while two others are accused of trying to recruit funds and fighters for terrorist camps in afghanistan. two more are accused of having a role if the 1998 bombings of u.s. embassies in both nairobi
12:33 pm
and tanzania. a spokesman would say little about the charges but welcomed the extradition. >> we are pleased that the u.k. judicial authorities approved the extraditions of the individuals to the united states and face prosecution in the u.s. courts on terrorism charges. indeed, the individuals are being transferred to the united states. >>jonathan: is the end of one long chapter in trying to get the guys and the beginning of another. >>trace: what is the next chapter? what happens next? >>jonathan: the five have to be brought here to the united states. we have some indication that is already underway. they are being transferred, according to one spokesman. a bbc correspondent has reported that the man right there, left the prison he has been held in central england in a police convoy and is on the way to be handed over to u.s. marshals.
12:34 pm
the next process obviously is a court appearance. we have no confirmation yet from the federal court here in new york when they will appear but it is worth noting that the terrorism cases have often be heard over the weekend. two things: one, it is perfectly possible all five will arrive here in the united states before the end of the day. too, they could well make their first court appearance some time over this week. trace? >>trace: thank you, jonathan, live from new york. >> a turkish warning for syria today fell on deaf ears. turkish troops tired on syria for the second straight day in response to another syrian mortar shell that hit turkey. according to turkish state media it struck a rural border town. the turkish troops in the area reportedly fired right back across the border. this area came hours after the
12:35 pm
turkish prime minister warned the rallies not to test the military adding "we not bluffing." you will recall on wednesday a mortar shell killed five including a six-year old boy in a turkish border town. leland is live with the news from the middle east. what is the turkish prime minister saying? >>reporter: we are hearing from turkey that "we are not far from war." there have been hopes today would pass without another incident. clearly tensions very high. it didn't happen. we had fire going from both sides. as president bashar al-assad syrian troops launched another attack on the rebels in the northern part of his country. there is a heavy turkish military presence this. clearly, the artillery has been given the grown light to fired. it is a dangerous dynamic and we could have a regional war. turkey is part of nato, so turkey could invoke the collective defense clause of
12:36 pm
that treaty and it would draw on the united states and other western allies to recollect and defend turkey if it gets into a war with syria. the other dynamic, the syrian rebels need help. it could be a point that syrian rebels launch shells at turkey to try and start a war that obviously they would get a lost help from going up against the common enemy, president bashar al-assad. >>trace: and the syrian rebel, how are they doing? >>guest: they have not been doing great but this week they did get some good news in an unusual victory. they took over a syrian air defense space which means they got the missiles inside that base, and if they can figure out how to use the missiles against president bashar al-assad's air force that could change changes because the air force was pugs away at rebels and now we see a nasty side to the rebels. they put out a video where they threatened to execute some 50
12:37 pm
iranian hostages if others are not released by the syrian government, and the iranian government, who have been a biggest ally providing men, equipment, and weapons, all that, this will test just how if a "friend" the iranians will remain to the syrian government if the iranians switch side, that would change the whole ballgame. >>trace: thank you from israel. hold on to your soda the next time you my or you could lose your seat. that is the latest word on american airlines' loose seat fiasco blaming spill soda and coffee for messing up the track that looks the seats to the floor. that led to entire rows of seats coming loose mid-flight. it reportedly happened three times in just the past week. now airline officials say the problem is worse than first thought and it is pulling even
12:38 pm
more of the boeing 757's out of service for inspection leading to dozens of canceled flights today. that is only adding to the frustration of fler's frustration. they are backed in a bitter pay dispute with pilots creating a travel nightmare. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled, another telephone,000 delayed. now we aviation expert who is head of an aviation consulting firm. who knew if you dropped your soda your seat pops out of the track. >>guest: it gives a new mean when they say, please, take your seat, can you do that now. the reality is, this is a maintenance issue that went bad. they are fixing it. it happened at wrong time. it is anessty cocktail for american airlines do deal with. i would like to know who at american airlines made the comment about coca-cola causing this, that person needs to be on the top of the hit parade to
12:39 pm
find another job. >>trace: all the things they have going on, battling with pilots, the mechanics are mad because you are outsourcing the maintenance to third party facilities which the mechanics say they put in the seats, you have a guy saying, no, it could be coffee and coke that pops a pin out this is not the p.r. that americans needs. they need more aggressive leadership. this is not labor sabotage. some consumer advocates said that today but that is reprehensible this is just a mistake made in maintenance, not sabotage whatever. >> the pilots, they have voted whether they will go on strike. we don't know what will happen. if they don't get what they want and they want contracts similar to united and delta and continental, they will go on strike, crippling the airline, true? possibly put it out of business. >>guest: that is a long way
12:40 pm
off because that is permitted. this is, the reality, remember, the pilots have not had a raise in 10 years and the pay scales they have now they took a cut to get to those. if there is anger over that when the company wants to outsource things, it is understandable. the reality is, they have to have a lot more aggressive outreach management at american airlines to fix this. >>trace: left in the middle, or, i guess the the ones hurt are passengers, two million have been late the last month, 160,000 had flights canceled, people have seats that are popping out of the seams and they took crash position last week. this has to end or american airlines will have a black eye that will not go away. >>guest: no question. they need aggressive management at the top. the milk toast listen to the consultants and do what the consultants say management does not work. can you not threaten employees or temperature employees we will
12:41 pm
put the company together and by the way here is your lay off notice, we need a new change at the top in the way they address this. traits tray -- >>trace: thank you, first the big debate and then big unemployment numbers. chris wall has from fox news sunday shows where the presidential campaign stands now. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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12:45 pm
people will pay attention to the jobs numbers but not 67 million people watching for an hour and a half. the debate was more important. but this is a good boost for obama especially when he needed it. think where we would be if he had the debate and the unemployment rate went up .3 percent rather than down .3 percent. there is symbolic performance. a big republican talking points for months has been unemployment has been up over 8 percent for 43 months. now republicans and romney cannot say that. >>trace: back to the debate if i and the 67 million viewers. this were new numbers in a poll, and people criticize rasmussen as leaning to the right but it shows in ohio obama's lead has russia returning from three days ago to 50-49, and in florida,
12:46 pm
the same thing, romney now on top, 49-47. finally, virginia, you have romney also on top, 49-48 percent. this looks well for the romney campaign even if this is leaning to the right. >>chris: i would like to see, and i would have said this regardless of who the pollster was, i would like to see several polls because one can be an outlier and you want to see if there is a trend. you would expect it would close. romney had a very good night and he diffused a lot of the attacks that obama has been making against him for the last few months. things like he is out of touch and he is as concerned about the rich and does not care about the middle class or he is a right-wing extremist. mitt romney did not come off that way on wednesday night. i would expect it to close in the states. here is the point, if obama had a really goodnight and romney had a very bad night with the polls all showing "bomb with a
12:47 pm
big lead in the wing states, a lot people would say this race is over. that it has gotten out of hand for romney given the fact it was exactly the opposite, a big romney win, now it is a very competitive race and it ensures it will go on. it ensures it will be a tight, tough, competitive race right to election day. >>trace: i think you are right. that is chris wallace, and you lay cornell tomorrow for a huge game and right now you are 3-0. >> the sunday broadcast on local networks includes sit down to democratic governor of maryland and obama supporters and the republican senator from new hampshire and romney supporter. that is fox news sunday.
12:48 pm
check the local listing. we are now tracking the deadly meningitis outbreak which now has spread to another state. it has already killed five. now the number of cases has jumped dramatically. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor's couture gets the most rewards of any small business credit card. your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics, put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? [ cheers and applause ]
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>> health officials say they have found 50 cases of the rare form of meningitis that has killed at least five people and they warn that thousands of folks could still be at risk. so far, doctors have reported the infection in the seven states here. today, michigan joined that list. a clinic in minnesota reports four patients there have shown symptoms of the disease. the doctors still need to perform more tests. the centers for disease control have linked the meningitis cases
12:52 pm
to steroid shots for back pain. the food and drug administration is recalling every product from the company that distributes that tainted medication. officials say it could take anywhere from two to 28 days after injection for people to begin feeling symptoms such as chills, fever, nausea, and stroke-like symptoms including difficulty walking. doctor, it is amazing because when we started covering this story this morning there were 35 cases now you look and the wires show there are now 49 cases, 40 percent jump in one day. that is not good news. >>guest: it is not good news. the problem is patients would have gone in for spinal steroid injections have gone to a medical facility, they have had a spinal injection of steroids and the steroid in the vile has been contaminated. what happens is when this is injected into the spinal fluid
12:53 pm
it travels to the brain and the protective membrane around the brain and the spinal cord are inflamed and this is what meningitis is. >>trace: the thing is, now it is erased because they thought it was 900 people that got this and now they are saying it could be thousands and trying to notify everyone and the incubation is two to 28 days so we could see cases well into later on this month. >>guest: that right. they don't know exactly how many people had the injections. the destroyed has been distributed to survive medical centers in 23 states. at moment the majority of cases are on the east case but it will affect patient whose had a spinal injection in one of the centers where the particular steroid was from the manufacturer. the manufacturers you talk about the places, they take drugs from the manufacturers and they mix them up because of a drug shortage, but they are not
12:54 pm
regulated by the f.d.a. is this wide-spread activity? how dangerous is this practice? >>guest: there are huge concerns because they are not subjected to the standards many of the centers are. that is not the first episode where compound pharmacies have been property in a negative light. >>trace: do you notify your patients? who i be notified if i am getting a drug from a compound pharmacy, do patient know before they are injected? >>guest: the problem is different drugs come from different sources and the doctors giving the injection are not necessarily aware of where the drugs come from. they could get them from their pharmacy but we need to have regulations to look into this. >>trace: we do. doctor, thank you from columbia university medical center. >> a strange phone call that
12:55 pm
sparked a man to call police. it wasn't the work of criminal activity but a playful k-9. details on that ahead.
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>>trace: a couple of college students paid off their college loans raiding $80,000 in one year by getting small companies to pay for ad space on their mugs. next thing they knew, major companies wanted on board. listen. >> it was effective. they have been pleased with the results. >> we that it could work which is why we did it. we were really, really, really surprised it took off in the way it d. >> more than 150 companies have painted their logo on the students' faces the past year and the latest is a global financial giant ernst and young.
12:59 pm
before we wrap it up in stub today, case lowed, the perpetrator responsible for a police call in utah has finally been found. this began on wednesday morning outside the city when a house was being broken into. the man was not home but he received a call on his cell phone from his home number. when he answered all he her was banging, scrapping in the backyard. police responded but found nothing, no sign of forced entry, nothing really seemed to be out of place. he later told police he figured out what happened. his dog got a hold of the cordless phone, chewed on it, and he hit "redial." he found his phone with a few bite marks on it and the phone was outside in the garden. the dog is the culprit. that is it for "studio b" today. and later at 7:00